09 November 2014

10 Tips for Reducing Stress

  1. Get organized. Put things back where you found them and you won't go berserk looking for them.
  2. Learn to say NO. If you don't want to and don't have to - don't.
  3. Set your priorities. Endless "to DO" lists are a dark cloud over your head. Choose 3-5 things to do each day.
  4. Have faith. Prayer or reflection on our Lord and Savior will lighten the load.
  5. Let others do their own thing. You are not the general manager of the universe. Besides, the same way all the time would be boring.
  6. Give people a break. Other people have bad days, too! Be patient and tolerant.
  7. Monitor your self-talk.You create some stress for yourself by what you say in your head.
  8. Use different words. It's not a problem, it's an opportunity!
  9. Get rid of clutter. Haven't used it in a year? Toss it.
  10. Stop blaming others. Only your mind can make you angry - not things, not people.
(Source: Laura Herbert, RN, Providence Hospital, Columbia, SC.
Taken from the December 2001-January 2002  Discover God's Call Prayer Letter)

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  1. Found this morning cleaning out files...oh, how it speaks to me!