27 September 2011

Renamed "Grandmother's Forgotten Garden" as per comment from AK Sheffield. Just need to figure who AK Sheffield is! (I know)

26 September 2011

Scrap blocks for the yet unnamed quilt - and what about the design? I change my planning process every time I work on it. Maybe this is the Mystery Puzzle Scrap Quilt!

23 September 2011

The 'ole quilt box from the Crenshaw side - full of quilts and used for Freedom Ring's feeding station.
Quilt block from 125th Anniversary
Quilt to celebrate the First United Methodist Church, Colorado City TX, 125th Anniversay. Pieced, quilted and given to a friend from a friend.
Block signed by Mildred Rodgers
Quilt pieced in Ft Worth by elc; quilted by Methodist Quilter, Colorado City TX; signed by the quilters.
Dovie's quilt - pieced and quilted by elc
Another block from "Loved" quilt with very modern binding
Block from the "Loved" quilt
Quilt purchased, quilted, bound and loved
Texas Bluebonnets
Mama and her sister, Aunt Ted, made this quilt when they were young ladies. Hand painted, embroidery and quilted State Flowers ~ 1926
Kit sewn together and quilted by my mother, Mabel Edmondson Hart, for our fourth baby. She made the other three covers but we wore them out. We "saved" this one. 1963
Top bought from a lady from church and it had a PINK sash. Put a brown sash on it and quilted it for my husband. He wanted me to make him an ORANGE dahlia quilt. I told him quilters are not suppose to work on a fabric or pattern they do not like. He accepted this!
Laundry mark from the commercial laundry. The commerical was used during WWII when mother was appointed County Tax Collector in place of Daddy who was in the Navy aboard the USS Sabine - 1943-45
Two more quilts pieced and quilted by Grandmother Ollie - Loraine Texas
Green figured scrap from one of my little dresses
Quilts pieced and quilted by Grandmother Ollie
There is history here!
Whole cloth quilted by my Grandmother, Ollie McCarley Hart - 1940s
Oh, yes, the kitchen table is piled high with laundry to be folded - but what's the most important!
Methodist Pallet
Purchased quilted quilts - loved by all
Christmas gift from my grandson, Ryan
It was my dream when I started this blog to look again at ALL my quilts and to share them with you all. I now have all the photos and in the process of posting them all. But you know what that means, I have not done ONE THING about quilting today other than dream about what I am going to make with the new Mylar Hexagons I received today from Brandy's. Enjoy!
Purchased, quilted, loved
Jasper's Vest Back View
Jasper's Vest Front View
Jasper's Vest Reverse Back View
Jasper's Vest reverse front view
Another view of Leigh's Hobo Bag - wanted to show the buttons on the strap
Eddy Lou's Hobo Bag
Up Close of Travis and Andra's Quilt
Cathy's Carolina Lilly
Tie labels on Patchwork Block Quilt
Travis and Andra's Wedding Present
Leigh's Hobo Bag
Missy Sari and the new porch patch - Missy Sari didn't weigh enough to make her paw prints -
Projects in progress - The Lost Socks and Patchwork Blocks
Daughter Cathy made this for me and machine quilted it so it would be okay for Missy Sari to sleep on it!
THE chair for Freedom Ring and Missy Sari
Scrap blocks in the making

13 September 2011

It is my quest to take photos of the quilts I know -
It is my wish we all will enjoy!

Tallyrand's Cheese Block

All the Methodist Quilters signed the quilt by a mouse!

Tallyrand's Cheese

Hand pieced while we lived in Ft Worth and hand quilted by the Methodist Quilters in Colorado City.

Another quilt! Block

Another Quilt!

Pattern printed on cloth with added pieced blocks

Unfinished/recycled #2

Recycled as Freedom Ring's napping place - as if she needs another place!

Unfinished/recycled #1

One of the two remaining blocks from a quilt as you go pattern. ~1984

How it all got started!

My 1954 Singer Featherweight
My mom's second hand Singer
My cat, Freedom Ring
My fat-quarters

Grandmother's Flower Garden

Quilt top purchased some place, some time -
Forgotten and put aside -
Found and ready for the quilting frame.
I love red!