21 November 2011

Thought of a name for "that other project".  Have no idea the completed design so decided to name it "On A Whim" - that provides poetic license!
"Weezie's Scrappy Quilt" is on its way! Here are seven of the ~56 blocks to make a queen size quilt = 49 more to go. Also included is a small box with fabrics marked for hexagons; oh, but that's that other project!

18 November 2011

First "showing" of the "2s" (1+1)  to be pieced together to make 4-piece blocks - all this in random layout to get a feel for "Weezie's Scrappy Quilt"

14 November 2011

The last 14 blocks for the "Weezie's Scrappy Quilt": total number of blocks: 227
Next step: 11" blocks
My inspiration to piece quilt tops!

07 November 2011

Sixteen more blocks of "Weezie's Scrappy Quilt" - Number of blocks as of 11:50 A.M. CST: 213...