08 September 2012

"Weezie's Scrappy Quilt"

Tom Carlock and his "Weezie's Scrappy Quilt" -
with quilted fire fighting symbols... 

16 August 2012

Kitty Update: how do I say this? Liberty Bell and Betsy Ross, my two precious female kitties are my two precious MALE kitties - a trip to the vets can be a very eye-opening event!

09 August 2012

"America the Beautiful"

Church Block -
McCall's "America the Beautiful"
 Part 3 of 6
Inspected by Liberty Bell and Betsy Ross

03 August 2012



01 August 2012

"America the Beautiful"

Bounty Block for "America The Beautiful" McCall's Quilting Magazine
Intentional "alterations"

30 June 2012

New Arrivals

Liberty Bell and Betsy Ross or/and Betsy Ross and Liberty Bell
all relaxed after their big move to their new home.
Can't see their colored tags, just have to get a red collar for one of them!
They haven't been here long enough to find the quilting room!

23 June 2012

Flag Block
"America the Beautiful"
Part 3 of 6
McCalls' Quilting Magazine

19 June 2012

Renamed the new kittens "Liberty Bell" and "Betsy Ross" - their names are on their new collar tags and they should be at my house in a couple of weeks...
Part 2 of 6
"America the Beautiful"
McCall's Quilting Magazine

31 May 2012

I got my quilt project names mixed up...the hexagons are "On a Whim..."  "Weezie's Scrappy Quilt" is pieced and ready to quilt...
"Weezie's Scrappy Quilt" Update

24 May 2012

I lost my Missy Sari dog and Freedom Ring the Cat within two weeks of each other. It has been very quiet around this house.
The future promises two tabby kittens, Miss Liberty and Miss Belle, to be my new quilting "helpers"!

I played with the colors after loading the pictures and messed them up. Learned something!
"Make It Your Way" all finished! That means the binding is finished as of 6:30 this afternoon!

16 May 2012

12 May 2012

Goodbye to my precious little friend, Missy Sari - March 2000 - May 2012

20 April 2012

"Field" blocks for the McCall's Quilting Magazine "American The Beautiful"
This completes Part 1of 6...
Will be a delay before starting Part 2 of 6...
"Have" to bind "Make It Your Way" to fulfill my own decision...

17 April 2012

"American The Beautiful" Quilt
 from the McCall's Quilting Magazine
Project in progress...

10 April 2012

"Shining Sun" Block
Part 1 of 6
 "America The Beautiful"  
   McCall's Quilting Magazine

23 March 2012

Daughter Cathy enjoying her warm "Grandmother's Forever Garden"
Freedom Ring enjoying one more nap on "Grandmother's Forever Garden" before Cathy takes it home.

10 March 2012

  "Leap Year In The Lowveld"
 Appliqued, pieced, embellished, quilted, bound and posted - a favorite quilt!
Detail of one corner of "Leap Year..." Used two different prints for binding; used buttons and embellishments to "add interest" but really to hide goofs. elc

21 February 2012

09 February 2012

One day I might tell the tale of making "Weezie's Scrappy Quilt", especially with all the help I had from Freedom Ring. And I thank Ely and the NY Giants for their Super Bowl win - that game got my through the "messy" part. elc
"Weezie's Scrappy Quilt" all ready for the quilting frame

17 January 2012

"Leap Year In The Lowveld" in the quilting frame at the First United Methodist Church, Colorado City, Texas, all set up for the Methodist's Quilters.