19 December 2011

Freedom Ring checked out all the seams to make sure they were a quarter inch - guess she approved!
Some of the eight strips of "Weezie's Scrappy Quilt"

14 December 2011

Sewing room after a late afternoon session. Time to turn out the lights, Missy Sari, Freedom Ring and Mom are tired.
Sample block of Kalahari Calabash with Asian style prints

13 December 2011

Fabric selection for upcoming project: "Kalahari Calabash" from "Quilt Inspirations from Africa" by Kaye England & Mary Elizabeth Johnson

12 December 2011

Freedom Ring checking out the"Weezie's Scrappy Quilt" partial work up
Another step completed with "Weezie's Scrappy Quilt" - partial strips of 2 & 3s blocks to make 8 rows.