11 December 2013

My take of "Leftover Bricks"
Machine Quilted
By Doris Thompson
Andrews Texas

19 November 2013

"Leftover Bricks"
Quilting with Handi Quilter, Doris Thompson, The Quilt Shack, Andrews Texas.
Thanks, CKs, it is gorgeous!

25 October 2013

Weezie's Take On "Leftover Bricks"

Added two borders and ready to pack it up for shipment to Andrews TX
and Cousin Doris' long-arm machine

21 October 2013

Giving myself a pat on the back...

"Leftover Bricks" ...
All together, ready for two borders and binding:
Backing going along for the ride! 

08 October 2013

"Jelly Roll Quilts & More"

Adaption of Kimberly Einmo's "Leftovers Bricks" from "Jelly Roll Quilts & More" -
...blocks and pieces to press and sew...

30 August 2013

No pictures of the tom cats, no pictures of the working quilts - just a note to say I had to give the "boys" away. I was in the hospital for five days from a "playful" cat bite, the second since April. It was an action I had to take...they will not be forgotten...

27 March 2013

"America the Beautiful"

                                                 House "B" for "America the Beautiful"

22 March 2013

"America the Beautiful"

                                          House "A" of four houses for "America the Beautiful"

09 March 2013

"America the Beautiful"

Little Red School House for "America the Beautiful" Quilt - finally got back to working on it - don't have "so much help" now from L Bello and B Rosser - now they just sleep on the sewing table while I sew...

16 February 2013

B Rosser (aka Betsy Ross)

L Bello (aka Liberty Bell)

Teen age boys helping Mom!